About ISIC

The Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity (ISIC) is an independent non-profit academic institute, on the cutting edge of the study of Islam, Christianity and Muslim-Christian relations. In the contemporary context of increasing tensions between Islam and the West, we aim to present an objective, robust and rigorous understanding of the relevant issues and their implications for Islamic and western societies.

Founded in 1989, ISIC has provided research and publications on various aspects of Islam including its sources, history, Islamic law, Muslim minorities in the West, Muslim-Christian relations and non-Muslims in Muslim-majority societies.

Our staff include academics from the Middle East and Asia and are dedicated to helping the public understanding of the intricate world of Muslim-Christian relations and the current resurgence of Islam.

ISIC is committed to human rights, religious freedom, equality and respect for all and stands against all forms of discrimination and incitement to hatred.